Rev. Stacy Lauer-Scovanner

Rev. Stacy Lauer-Scovanner was born in Gibsonburg, Ohio. She attended Capital University, Bexley Ohio where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. She was awarded a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Bexley, and was ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She has worked as a licensed social worker before serving five years as Pastor at Bethany Lutheran and Reformation Lutheran churches in Toledo, Ohio. She accepted a Letter of Call to Saint John's in September of 2016. Pastor Stacy is married to Ryan Scovanner. They have two children.

We celebrate that lately we’ve had a few baptisms and that the sweet babies and toddlers have been declared children of God. One of the exciting things about a baptism is that the parents, the sponsors, and even the congregation (or church family—all of you) promises to help that child know they are loved by God, that they will come to worship, that they will grow as disciples to live in God’s love and care for the world God made.

As part of the baptismal promise, we at St. John’s offer a catechism program for youth in approximately grades 5-7. In January, we started doing this catechism in a new way, and I wanted to give you an update.

First, our catechism youth gather each week during the Sunday School hour. Two Sundays of the month Heather and Chuck Ruggles teach the catechism youth classic Sunday School, going in depth into scripture, tradition, and our church year. On the other two Sundays of the month, I teach topics from the catechism. This month, we will study Holy Communion, why we take Communion, and what a gift it is.

You may have noticed that our youth are also becoming more involved in Sunday morning worship. They are encouraged to participate in any way that they feel comfortable. As I’ve listened to them, I’ve found that the more they participate, the more that worship makes sense to them.

These youth have also agreed to meet with mentors. They have chosen mentors who they feel radiate Jesus’ love and who they believe will help them grow in their own faith. As they meet with mentors, they talk about prayer, living lives of faith, scripture, worship, and anything else that is on their minds. Please pray for the youth and their mentors.

The youth are keeping track of their activities, because they are trying to get 100 points each year. They receive points for being in worship, assisting in worship, visiting our homebound members, attending team meetings, volunteering, working in the giving garden, singing in the choir, visiting other congregations, and basically growing as disciples.

Would you be willing to help our youth and keep our baptismal promises? We can only cover so much in class on Sunday mornings, but you have even more to offer to them. Would you talk with the youth about what they’re learning, and share your own traditions? Would you invite them to join a team meeting? Would you share why worship is meaningful and important for you? Would you pray for them?

Thank you for the many ways you welcome even the youngest to be an important part of the body of Christ. We are all needed, and we all have gifts to share. Thank you for sharing yours.

Walking with you in Christ,
Pastor Stacy

the hands of christ

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Faith Life Team
Paula Hoffman

The focus of the Faith Life team is to provide service opportunities for the members of St. John's. The team remembers our youth on their birthdays with a gift card. They sponsor our Supper Club, movie nights, serve dinners at CROSSROADS homeless shelter, twice a year place flags to honor our country's fallen at Ohio Veterans Home, sack lunches for Care and Share, and Giving Tree projects for our local domestic violence shelter. Each year new ideas.

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Worship Team
Sandy Thompson

The focus of the Worship Team is to assist the Pastor and the Music Director in planning of weekly worship services and to support them in new expressions of worship. The team meets monthly to share worship ideas, secure lay worship leaders, and maintain a calendar for Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Christmas, and Christmas Eve.

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Property Team
Jeff Justi

The focus of the Property team is to assist the trustees and to help with the many issues regarding church property, cemetery, and parsonage issues. The team is responsible for maintaining our buildings and facilities, and tracking the church's equipment and maintenance needs,

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Giving Garden Team
Jeff Justi

The focus of the Giving Garden Team is to provide fresh vegetables to those in need of food support through local food ministries. This has become a joint effort of FLAMe our Firelands Network of Lutheran Churches.

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Finance Team
Peg Kingsley

The focus of the Finance Team is to ensure financial accountability and transparency, and engage in the annual budgeting process which includes faithful handling of weekly offerings and monitoring of expenses.

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Good News + Amen
Barry Laird

The Good News + Amen team is leading our congregation in a deeper understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and extending the invitation to join God at work in the world. St. John's reaches out to both our church and our community. Through prayer and servanthood, people are lifted in prayer and supported in so many ways as shut-ins or in a nursing home.

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Helping Hands Team
Paula Hoffman

We care for families in our congregation and community that are in special need, as at the time of a loved one's death. A luncheon is prepared for the family and friends. This loving ministry extends that grace of God that this congregation has discovered in our extended family of the world.

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Youth Team
Pastor Stacy

St John's Youth Ministry exists to bring young people into age-appropriate faith relationshps where they know they belong to the family of God, where they grow in their relationship with Christ, where they learn to serve and share Christ in the world!

faith active through love

Enriching the Life of Those in Need

Care and Share of Erie County↗

Being There

Our Mission is to serve qualifying residents of Erie County fairly and with dignity in providing emergency and supplemental food, clothing, linens and housewares as available. We distribute free food, clothing, linens, furnitiure and appliances to persons of economic eligibility according to the standards set by the USDA.

There Are No Limits to Caring


Essential Services for Homeless Individuals

Crossroads offers case management, support services, and supportive housing for homeless individuals and families. this facility is located in Sandusky, Ohio. Crossroads is an 18 - 30 bed, 30 - day homeless shelter (extensions can be granted) that also provides transitional housing up to 2 years. It serves anyone from anywhere except convicted arsonists and sex offenders.

Restoring the Community One Relationship at a Time

Nehemiah Center↗

Excited to see God move through this place and have His will be done!

Nehemiah Partners of Sandusky's mission is to encourage, empower, and educate young people to pursue the fullness of their God-given potential through a holistic programming approach. Since 2007 the Welcome to Nehemiah Partners have offered educational and faith services, age-appropriate activities, mentoring, and guidance aimed at spiritual, physical, and relational well being of the individual.

Working to Meet your Needs

Ability Works, Inc.↗

Our commitment is to services for those with developmental disabilities and to our corporate customers.

Ability Works serves two different audiences, with a strong commitment to both. Our corporate customers can choose from a broad range of products and services which is ever-evolving to meet their needs. Currently these include our sign shop, customized production, and subcontracting of employees. On the other hand, we also provide to those in our community with developmental disabilities. Our offerings include employment opportunities, an extended employment workshop, training, counseling and other services customized to their specific needs. We do all this while maintaining the necessary reasonable accommodations to individuals in accordance with the ADA guidelines.


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