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Saint John's Lutheran Church

“A Family of Disciples, Faithfully Making Christ Known”

Sunday Worship & Holy Communion : 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School for All Ages : 9:00 a.m.

If Road Advisory is Level 2 or 3, Worship and Sunday School are Canceled.
Check Current Winter Road Condition Advisory Level - Erie County

106 Scheid Road
Sandusky, Ohio

· The Year of Scripture 2019 Memory Verse ·

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. ~ Psalm 119:105

 Parish Worship
The Season After Pentecost

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

September 22 at 10:30 am.


Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much;
and whoever is dishonest in a very little is dishonest also in much.

Amos 8:4-7 • Psalm 113:1-9 • 1 Timothy 2:1-7 • Luke 16:1-13


 Parish Calendar
Faith Active Through Love

 Parish Events
With Grace Unbounded

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St John Evangelical Lutheran Church Sandusky OH 44870-8350

Thursday, September 19th, 6:00 pm at the Olive Garden, Sandusky.

It’s that time of year again to break bread together! Please join us for fellowship and a wonderful meal. Good times are had by all!

Sign-up sheet is on the Welcome Table. See you there!

October Bible Studies

Join Us

October 7 at 6 PM will be Beatitudes at Rapid Fired
October 14 at 5:45 will be Read Through the Bible at Danny Boy's

Second Tuesday Small Groups

Will not meet in July or August. We encourage all small groups to join us for worship at Nickle Plate Beach in Huron at 6 PM on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Sunday Morning

Sunday School meets each Sunday at 9:00 am.

  • Youth classes meet in the fellowship hall and kitchen.
  • One adult class meets in The Upper Room and is doing a video series called “Unshakeable Hope”
  • Another adult group also meets at 9:00 am at Panera Bread.
Plan to take advantage of these learning opportunities.


Our Book Club Meets Again.

When Richard Beck first led a Bible study at a maximum security prison, he went to meet God. His own faith was flagging, but Beck still believed the promise of Matthew 25, that when we visit the prisoner, we visit Jesus. And sure enough, God met him in prison.

We meet at 9 am in the Upper Room. The book is Stranger God.

This is a remarkably useful book. Beck lays out the core issues affecting our relationships to people outside of our normal social circles, shows why this is an exceptionally important issue, and gives a great practical way to become more like Jesus.

This book would be of value to any Christian who is interested in addressing the various divisions in our world.

A nice perk is the simplicity and concise nature of Beck's writing style. His message is accessible and valuable to anyone regardless of educational background, and makes a fabulous small group resource for us.

Please join us.

 Bulletin Announcements
The Work of the People of God

Announcements from September 15, 2019

Memorial Gift: Today we remember Polly Dicocco on her birthday week and keep her family in prayer. A memorial was given from Polly’s sister-in-law, Maria Dicocco. Thank you Maria for your memorial gift.

Hi Stacy, I received a beautiful card with a very generous gift today from you and the people of St. John's! Please extend my most heartfelt gratitude for the years of support and prayer you all have invested in me. Please also send a special greeting to the Voights who hosted me when I visited. Their warm hospitality was such a blessing! "I thank my God every time I remember you, constantly praying with joy in every one of my prayers for all of you..." (Philippians 1:3-4) The Peace of Christ be with you all! ~Dan Gutman

Thank You: Thank you for the warm welcome into St. John’s Lutheran Church, we look forward to fellowship in your loving congregation. The beautiful Christmas ornament will occupy a prominent place on our tree every year. Tom and Marcia Dawson

To the Family of St. John’s Lutheran Church: Thank you so very much for your support of prayers, cards and donations in my Judy’s name. Even before her church services, the board of the Bellevue Historical Society approved to name the corner column of the Tremont House, to be dedicated to Judy as a “Pillar of the Community”. Judy always had room in her life for one more friend, one more project and gave a little of her heart to all. I am most grateful for everyone in our church community, your kindness, love and support helped my family and I during this difficult time. John Miller

Sunday School teachers: Sept. 22nd Younger youth – Pastor Stacy; Older youth – Heather and Chuck Ruggles

Classes for All: Sunday School began today. Youth classes meet in the fellowship hall and kitchen. The Upper Room class is doing a video series “Unshakeable Hope” and yet another adult group meets at Panera Bread at 9:00 am. Plan to take advantage of these learning opportunities.

HELP! Save the Date: Are you interested in helping Serving Our Seniors? We need somebody, not just anybody. Join us to learn more on Thursday, September 26, 2019, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Presentation and lunch provided at Ten Fifty Eight Event Center, 1058 Cleveland Rd. Sandusky OH.

Book Study Returns: Our next book club begins in November. We will be reading “Holy Envy” by Barbara Brown Taylor. To preorder your book, please sign up on the welcome table. Books are $19 and will be ordered October 15. The public library also has copies available. Book study will meet at Vine and Olive the second Wednesday of the month at 10:00 a.m.

Praying for our youth: Children are blessings from the Lord and we need to lift them up to God as they are also the legacy of the church. Since we cannot be with them 24/7 we need to put them in the hands of the Lord. Names are available in the basket on the Welcome Table for you to take and pray for daily. We have several names left so make sure you pick one or two up on your way out of worship today!!

Endowment Grant Applications are now being accepted for 2020. Applications are located at the back of the church (on the table); the requests need to be presented to the Endowment committee no later than October 15, 2019. You can put your request in the endowment mailbox in the basement or present it to any member of the committee. The committee members are John Miller, Mary K Schlessman, Jeff Justi, Bob Stacy, Dale Osbun, Ron Zorn, Pastor Stacy and Ann Voight. If you have any questions, please see a member of the endowment committee.

Supper Club: Thursday, September 19th, 6:00 pm at the Olive Garden, Sandusky. It’s that time of year again to break bread together! Please join us for fellowship and a wonderful meal. Good times are had by all! Sign-up sheet is on the Welcome Table. See you there!

FLAMe congregations are working together all summer on a special collection. Would you be willing to help?
FLAMe churches will be collecting the following items:
Shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb and brush, bar soap, lotion, newborn/size 1 diapers and baby wipes, gift cards for fast food restaurants in small denominations ($5 or $10)
All items will go to Job and Family Services to provide personal care bags for youth removed from their homes without notice and placed in emergency foster care. Please bring your items to church during the summer months.

Happy Birthday wishes to Owen Reed, Kyle Young, Faith and Kelley Tommas.
Happy Anniversary wishes to Jim and Bonnie Semon.

Small Group Bible Reading:

September 15: Daniel 1-3,
September 16: Daniel 4-6,
September 17: Daniel 7-9,
September 18: Daniel 10-12,
September 19: Hosea 1-7,
September 20: Hosea 8-14,
September 21: Joel

In our prayers: Prayer is one of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts we can offer one another. Occasionally there are folks in this congregation, or friends of relatives of members, in need of prayer for various reasons. Your prayers needed for:

Family of Judy Miller grieving her death.
Norma Zorn – in need of prayers.
Beverly Hohman – in need of prayers as well as Augie.
Family of Thomas Hohman – grieving his death.
Karl Metz – Lisa Wilson’s brother suffered a heart attack along with heart blockages.
Dick Widdoes - In need of healing prayers
Donna Morrissey— 52 year friend of David and Ann Voight, in need of healing prayers
Larry Bowers—lifelong friend of Jim Semon, Sr. diagnosed with leukemia, undergoing treatments.
Mike Kopach - in need of healing prayers. A friend of the Semon/Stacy family.
Eby Young – relation to Allison Young, diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer
Nick - (Milly’s grandson) undergoing testing.
Bonny Ambos – prayers for upcoming back surgery and relief of pain.
Milly Reed – in need of our prayers.
Ray Neate – Undergoing cancer treatments.
Jim Moore – hospitalized at Firelands after suffering a heart attack.

Council prayer request:
Pray for Bishop Daniel Beaudoin and staff of Northwestern Ohio Synod; 
Pray for students, teachers, staff and families that are beginning school and Sunday School;
Pray for a less volatile state in our Nation.


Sunday, September 15

9:00 am

10:30 am

Sunday School begins

Sunday Worship/Installation of Sunday School Teachers and blessing of TV and Video ministry

Monday, September 16

6:00 pm

Sermon on the Mount Study at Rapid Fire Pizza

Tuesday, September 17

5:30-7 pm

2nd Tuesday Small Group meets at Ron and Melinda Zorn’s home

Wednesday, September 18

6:00 pm

7:00 pm

Worship Team

Choir Practice

Thursday, September 19

4:30 pm

6:00 pm

Finance Team meets in Upper Room

Supper Club meets at Olive Garden

Sunday, September 22

9:00 am

10:30 am

Sunday School

Sunday Worship/Blessing of the Quilts

Monday, September 23

9:00 am

Quilting Session

Wednesday, September 25

7:00 pm

Choir Practice

Friday, September 27

5:00 pm

Riley/Widdis Wedding Rehearsal

Saturday, September 28

2:30 pm

Riley/Widdis Wedding

Sunday, September 29

9:00 am

10:30 am

Sunday School

Sunday Worship

 Online Giving

St John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sandusky, Ohio is pleased to offer a new electronic option to safely make regular offerings and special donations to our church.


If you like, you can now contribute automatically from your checking or savings account through your credit/debit card or by a text message. Our new electronic giving program offers convenience for you and provides much-needed donation consistency for our congregation. But remember, if you are happy with your current giving method, you do not have to change a thing.

If you no longer want to write 52 checks a year or prepare 52 envelopes, this is a new option for you to consider. And, when travel, illness or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, this program will allow your weekly offerings to continue on an uninterrupted basis.

This new electronic option allows donations to an array of items via a drop-down menu. Some examples are flowers, the cemetery fund, memorials, endowments, scholarships, fuel, and others.

Signing up for giving through

1. Go to

2. Click on “sign up free”

3. Click on “GIVE TO CHURCH”

4. Click on “GIVE ONLINE”

5. Click on “Create Account”

6, Fill out form. Click “Submit”

7. You will see a screen that says “Your account has been created successfully!” Click “OK”

8. At the bottom of the following page, you may choose either “credit/debit” or “bank account.” Click on the one you prefer to set up for making your donations. Whichever you choose, you will be prompted to enter your information on the next page.

9. Enter your information for either “credit/debit card or bank account.” You will get a screen confirming that either your card or bank account info has been successfully saved! Click “OK”

10. Enter the pin number you set in step 6 up here.

11. Enter “St John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sandusky, Ohio” The
Church should appear in the list generated. Click on it, then click
“Give Now”

12. Now you can enter the dollar amount you would like to give. It will
come out of your bank account, or be charged to your credit/debit
card, whichever you have set up. If you wish to cover the
processing fee as part of your giving, please check the box that says
“Cover Fees.” (Fees are .25 per transaction, plus 2.4% of the total.
Ex.: on a $100 donation, fees would be $2.65.)

13. Click “Give”


Or, if you would rather donate by text

Give Now BY TEXT

  1. Text “give” to:
  2. When prompted, enter your information (email, bank or credit card information, etc.) and the dollar amount you would like to donate. You will receive a text receipt verifying your donation.

This phone number is specific to St. John only, so your donation will go directly to our account.

If you need any other help with the initial setup, please feel free to contact Melinda Zorn at 412-639-5477.

 Parish Pictures
Our Faces and Places

Welcome Lauryn, child of God!

 Parish Partners
Sharing in the Body of Christ
FLAMe: Calendar

  • Sat, Sep 29th: Trinity, Sandusky, 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Eastern Conference Women’s Fall Retreat, “Prayer with a Twist”.
  • Thu, Oct 11th: St. Paul, JOY Time, 6:00-7:30 PM, night of faith and fun for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Sun, Oct 21st: State Theater, 4 PM Celebration of Psalms with the LIFT Festival Chorus and Firelands Symphony Chorale
  • Sun, Oct 28th: Reformation Sunday, FLAMe Covenant Signing at all congregations.


August 3rd/4th: Art Show at Zion Sandusky displaying work from inner city Toledo Youth

August 8th: JOY Time: St. Paul, 6-7:30 an evening of Fellowship for adults with developmental disabilities.

August 14th: Nickle Plate Beach, Huron, 6pm, short worship service and potluck, sponsored by St. John’s.

August 19th: Corn Roast Potluck Dinner, Zion Huron Fellowship Hall. Gather at 5:30. Eat at 6pm. Handicap Accessible.

August 22nd: Lifetree Café, Zion, Huron, 7-8pm Topic: “Why Are You so Hard On Yourself?”

September 8th: St. John’s Rally Day. Bishop Beaudoin will preach the sermon.

September 12th: JOY Time: St. Paul, 6-7:30 an evening of Fellowship for adults with developmental disabilities.

September 20-21st: Women of the Northwest Ohio Synod Convention, Heritage Inn, Sauder Village in Archibold, Ohio.

September 29th: Trinity will host a Walkathon around the pond at the Commons of Providence to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

October 4th-6th: Fall into Lakeside Youth weekend.

November 3rd: Trinity, Pork Dinner


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